A great man….

“A great man is one who leaves other at a loss after he is gone.”  Paul Valery

I am at a loss today, because a man that I consider great has passed.  He would not have agreed with that description…but I believe it is true.  I am glad he is at peace now, and I will miss him.  I had the privilege of sharing the outdoors with him on a number of occasions.  Here are two spots that I think of in connection with him.

Red Leaves ~ Bald Cypress

Heron Pond, southern Illinois

Paint Creek - Swirl

Paint Creek, Cherokee National Forest

Rest in peace Marlin.  And thanks for everything….



I was fortunate enough recently to visit the Red River Gorge with my very good buddy Patrick.  We spent 3 full days hiking and photographing in the area about an hour from Lexington Kentucky.  We managed to find a bit of late fall color still hanging around, and of course the topography is quite wonderful.  So I decided that instead of posting a single image as I normally do, I would just throw out a bunch of stuff I shot and worked up (not really print ready, but good enough for web viewing!).  Hope you enjoy…and trust me when I say the detail in these is simply not going to come through at this size/resolution.

Overlook 1

A lovely first morning in the Gorge – Chimney Rock Overlook

Leaf Abstract 1

Fall leaves, in case that isn’t obvious!!

Auxier Ridge - Clouds

Looking towards Raven Rock from Auxier Ridge.  At least Patrick claims that is Raven Rock in the right center, but his information is a little sketchy at times….

River and Rocks

A lovely spot along the Red River….


We had a lot of bright sun on the trip…had to find ways to use it to our advantage!

Leaf Abstract 2

And again….I kinda got on a kick of looking for and finding various leaf arrangements to shoot.  Considering converting this to black and white – we’ll see.

Devil's Canyon Sunrise

The final morning I was actually shooting by myself as Patrick had to leave the day before.  Unfortunately he missed the best sunrise of the long weekend.  Then again it’s just as well – I was running back and forth between two cameras (very rare for me to do that) and I probably would have had to push him off the ledge I was on so I could manage them both.  He would not have been happy with that!

The Unshared Files (well, some of them)

So I’ve been needing an excuse to post something here (for a while, yes, I know), and a conversation with my lovely wife prompted this post.  We were looking at some images trying to choose something new to print on canvas as we are ready to change the image above our fireplace.  As I was showing her some options, she began browsing through my digital files and looking at a number of shots that I haven’t shared with her.  Nothing intentional, I just don’t share every single image with her for any number of reasons:

– I don’t find the image as compelling as I hoped.

– There may be technical issues with it.

– The image is intended to be part of a larger stitched image.

– Did I mention sometimes I don’t find the final product all that great?

This particular evening she picked out several images that she really liked and gave me a bit of grief for not sharing them with her.  So I decided to grab three of them and post just to get thoughts from anyone who might wonder by.  Images are posted below – let me know in the comments if you find any of them interesting!  (Hmm, in pulling the images into the post, the first image is coming across a little dark…we’ll see how it posts online.)

Lake Michigan Sunset long exposure

Virginia Bluebell cluster

Water Drops ~ Grass

R. I. P.

I took this from the balcony of your lovely wooded retreat, just experimenting with light and movement and abstraction of the forest.  I was pleased with the impressionist feel that resulted….

I had no way of knowing that almost exactly 2 years later I would think of this image and wonder how to interpret it after the fact.  Does it imply confusion?  Distraction?  Or is it just what it seemed at the time, and it’s only me that has changed?  In the end, it probably doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you rest in peace….that is my wish for you now.



Sleep well my dear….sleep well.

Forest Movement


A simple water drop….

A deceptively difficult photograph….

Difficult to find the right setting….

Difficult to photograph in the gentle breeze….

But enjoyable to see when it works….

Happy Spring!

(Thanks Stacey – it was a fun morning)


Chaos and Quiet

I loved this area of Acadia National Park when I visited there in 2011.  The trees were so chaotic and seemingly jumbled, and yet with the grasses and trees and leaves there was something oddly appropriate about it all.  Plus it was pretty quiet so it felt like I was alone in the forest (or perhaps I was just very focused on figuring out how to photograph the area).  I wish I was there again today…it just feels like that kind of day.

A pano felt like a good way to at least partially convey the feeling of the area.  Ideally I could show you all a 40 x 20 print, but I haven’t figured out how to do that online!

Sieur de Monts Pano

For my daughter….For my son….

A note to my daughter:  I know that sometimes this process is long, and hard, and frustrating.  I also know that you are an amazing person and you are so brave and strong.  I am very proud of how you handle yourself and who you are becoming.  I can’t wait for us to go back to Lake Michigan together, and have a chance to sit and relax and enjoy the water and sky and clouds and quiet.  Please know how much Daddy loves you.  Will you join me at the first picture?

A note to my son:  I know that sometimes this process is long, and hard, and frustrating.  I also know that you are an amazing person and you are so brave and strong.  I am very proud of how you handle yourself and who you are becoming.  I can’t wait for us to go back to the Catskills together, and have a chance to hike and climb and throw rocks in the stream and see the mountains.  Please know how much Daddy loves you.  Will you join me at the second picture?

And yes, you can both come to Lake Michigan, and both come to the Catskills…..anywhere with you is a great place to be.  Please bring Mommy along too!

Lake Michigan Quiet


Bastion Falls