Revisiting the “Archives”

I have been trying to pick some new images to print the last few days and in trying to decide what to print I’ve been browsing some “older” images.  I don’t think of them as too old, but they come from the trip I took back in the fall of 2011 (the trip, incidentally, which initiated this blog in the first place).  Having a bit more experience with Lightroom and editing in general, I went back to a couple and worked them up and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

This image was one I really didn’t think quite worked when I was doing an initial edit from the trip, but fortunately I have learned over time that if there isn’t any reason to delete an image I try not to.  Sometimes coming back to something much later gives you a new perspective…which I think is what happened here.  I’m strongly considering printing this one, though I suspect it will be tricky to get it just right.

Daybreak ~ Atlantic Ocean

I can only hope this will translate once it’s posted – images like this seem to be tough to get the color/contrast balance right when posting jpegs.  Hopefully you get the idea.  This was from the same morning that I shot the Otter Cliffs image that is one of my earliest posts here.

The other image was one I shot thinking I would look at a pano type crop when I got home.  But for some reason I never took the time to work on this one till today.  I don’t think this one is likely to get printed in the near term, but it turns out that cropping this to a pano type format does provide what I was wanting at the time, which is a focus on the semi-abstract feel of the grasses and water in the marsh.

Bass Harbor Marsh

For those interested, this is a marsh that is part of Bass Harbor – I am standing next to the road that passes through part of Acadia National Park.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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