So presumably when it’s been this long since your last post, you needn’t bother with apologies or excuses or other irrelevant musings….so I’ll jump straight to a couple of images!


This image was taken on the same day as those of the previous post – I love how minimalist it feels.  I almost stepped on this leaf – which would have kinda ruined the image!

Beech Leaf ~ Snow

Not sure the subtle colors will all come through, but you get the idea.

Then this spring I went on a photo trip to the Smokies and Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and North Carolina.  While hiking to a waterfall I found this lovely little cascade with moss covered rocks leading up to it.  I thought the setting and colors were really nice….


I have had a few other interesting photography “happenings” this year – hopefully I’ll find some time to post a few images that are a bit different for me!


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