Turkey Run…Frozen

It looks like Indiana is finally going to get a break from the cold weather we have been having for weeks (though I must say I’ve rather enjoyed the snow as long as travel wasn’t required).  I decided to head out to Turkey Run state park this past weekend knowing that any snow and ice features will likely be gone within the next few days, or at least drastically diminished.  It was really lovely to see the park with snow and ice all around…especially at a balmy -4 degrees F when I hit the trail.  Sugar Creek was lovely in the snow and ice, and partially frozen over.  Anyone familiar with the park will recognize this vantage point from the suspension bridge, though a half frozen creek is fairly unusual.

Sugar Creek Winter Morning


However, what I was really interested in were the cliffs in the park and any ice formations that might be present.  I found a large ice pillar in Gypsy Gulch, which I was optimistic might be there.  It was pretty impressive.  As I wandered around it thinking about different angles or compositions, I walked completely behind the pillar and noticed the light glowing through it with these gorgeous soft colors.  It looked like an abstract painting…which is pretty much right up my photographic alley.  So I took several images…hope you enjoy.  The weather forecast is calling for temps above freezing for the first time in weeks, so this view won’t last long.  Glad I got out there in time!


Ice Pillar Detail


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