Winter on the Beach…Part 2

Not sure this is dramatic enough for a “Part 2”, but since it is a separate but related entry you’ll just have to bear with me…

“Part 1” is immediately below this post, if you care to take a look.

New Year’s Day I went back to the Indiana Dunes State Park and as I usually do, I went to the shoreline first.  I was amazed to see how different the shoreline looked – a huge stretch of ice that looked pretty solid the night before had completely broken up and was basically open water with ice floating in it.  And the snow that came in the night before had basically covered all the chunks of ice/sand I had photographed the night before.  Here is a shot that shows how different everything looked – compare to the final shot in the previous post with the ice mound in the foreground.

Lake Michigan Cold

You can easily see how different the ice looks.  Even though the temps were in the middle teens all night, much of the ice broke up during the night.

I think decided to hike some of the trails in the park that go through the forest that is just inland from the lakeshore.  It was really beautiful to see the trees covered in snow…

Dunes Forest ~ Snow

All in all, a wonderful day and a half of photography that was a great way to start 2014.  I will leave you with a final image I took on Dec 31 as I was leaving the beach – couldn’t resist this combination of sand and snow.

Snow and Sand abstract 2


4 thoughts on “Winter on the Beach…Part 2

  1. Hey CJ! I havent checked your site in quite awhile and as always, love the pictures that you take. Especially of the dunes. Hope you are doing well!

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