I was fortunate enough recently to visit the Red River Gorge with my very good buddy Patrick.  We spent 3 full days hiking and photographing in the area about an hour from Lexington Kentucky.  We managed to find a bit of late fall color still hanging around, and of course the topography is quite wonderful.  So I decided that instead of posting a single image as I normally do, I would just throw out a bunch of stuff I shot and worked up (not really print ready, but good enough for web viewing!).  Hope you enjoy…and trust me when I say the detail in these is simply not going to come through at this size/resolution.

Overlook 1

A lovely first morning in the Gorge – Chimney Rock Overlook

Leaf Abstract 1

Fall leaves, in case that isn’t obvious!!

Auxier Ridge - Clouds

Looking towards Raven Rock from Auxier Ridge.  At least Patrick claims that is Raven Rock in the right center, but his information is a little sketchy at times….

River and Rocks

A lovely spot along the Red River….


We had a lot of bright sun on the trip…had to find ways to use it to our advantage!

Leaf Abstract 2

And again….I kinda got on a kick of looking for and finding various leaf arrangements to shoot.  Considering converting this to black and white – we’ll see.

Devil's Canyon Sunrise

The final morning I was actually shooting by myself as Patrick had to leave the day before.  Unfortunately he missed the best sunrise of the long weekend.  Then again it’s just as well – I was running back and forth between two cameras (very rare for me to do that) and I probably would have had to push him off the ledge I was on so I could manage them both.  He would not have been happy with that!


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