The Unshared Files (well, some of them)

So I’ve been needing an excuse to post something here (for a while, yes, I know), and a conversation with my lovely wife prompted this post.  We were looking at some images trying to choose something new to print on canvas as we are ready to change the image above our fireplace.  As I was showing her some options, she began browsing through my digital files and looking at a number of shots that I haven’t shared with her.  Nothing intentional, I just don’t share every single image with her for any number of reasons:

– I don’t find the image as compelling as I hoped.

– There may be technical issues with it.

– The image is intended to be part of a larger stitched image.

– Did I mention sometimes I don’t find the final product all that great?

This particular evening she picked out several images that she really liked and gave me a bit of grief for not sharing them with her.  So I decided to grab three of them and post just to get thoughts from anyone who might wonder by.  Images are posted below – let me know in the comments if you find any of them interesting!  (Hmm, in pulling the images into the post, the first image is coming across a little dark…we’ll see how it posts online.)

Lake Michigan Sunset long exposure

Virginia Bluebell cluster

Water Drops ~ Grass


3 thoughts on “The Unshared Files (well, some of them)

  1. Your first image (lake view) seems to show something on the horizon, very small though, but there they are. Is it Chicago’s skyscrapers?

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