Storm Light

I recently posted a couple of images from a trip to the Lake Michigan area, both of which were shots along the Lake Michigan shoreline (see here and here).  I wanted to post another shot I took on the same trip that I was very pleased with, that was taken in my favorite type of light.  I absolutely love the light you get at the end of the day when it has been cloudy and stormy all day and the clouds start to clear just at sunset.  The light is so warm and contrasts beautifully with the remaining clouds, which give a wonderfully moody feeling.  During the trip I got a fabulous example of storm light at the end of my last full day in Michigan.  This image was taken just a few minutes earlier than the second image I linked to above.  I was actually at Duck Lake State Park along Lake Michigan when I saw that the clouds were breaking at the horizon.  I raced back to PJ Hoffmaster State Park because I had scouted these trees along the edge of the dunes a couple of days earlier and I hoped to get some storm light to photograph them.  Good thing I headed south when I did – I had only been in the area about 15 minutes when this light broke through, and I had about 20 minutes before the sun disappeared behind the horizon.  I photographed madly for those few minutes….

Storm Light - Dunes


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