One of my favorite images of the year….

I wanted to post one of my favorite images of the year, from one of my favorite photographic experiences of the year.  I was privileged to be invited by a dear friend to attend opening day of the NFL season at Soldier Field in Chicago to watch my two favorites teams (Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears) play each other.  [Thanks T.B. – it was a great time!] I decided to drive up to the Indiana Dunes area the day before and photograph along the lakeshore Saturday night and Sunday morning.  I had good light that Sat evening, and woke the next day feeling that any images I got would be a bonus.  When I arrived at the lakeshore it was raining lightly, though it stopped fairly quickly.  There was a break in the clouds, with some beautiful sunrise color coming through.  I started photographing the colors with a reflection in a small pool of water in the sand, thinking how glad I was that I went ahead and got up early.  After about 5-10 minutes, I happened to look to my left out over Lake Michigan and my jaw dropped to see this gorgeous rainbow over the water.  I shouted something not fit for a family blog (cue sheepish smile) and sprinted to the shore.  I spent a ridiculously enjoyable 20-30 minutes shooting this rainbow as many different ways as I could think of – it was amazingly long lasting and at one point spread a full 180 degrees above the lake and across to the shore.  I have a number of shots I like, but for now I’m calling this one my favorite. I think I’ve only seen a rainbow one other time when I was out seriously photographing – have seen them when driving or when I was otherwise occupied but this was the first time I was able to seriously photograph one.  It was fantastic….way better than the “bonus” I was prepared to happily accept.

This past year has been quite a roller coaster for our family.  To those of you reading this who played a part in helping us through the rough spots – many thanks.  For 2013, I wish everyone reading this the same experience I had in photographing this rainbow – may your new year turn out much better than you ever expected.

Lake Michigan Rainbow


3 thoughts on “One of my favorite images of the year….

  1. I’m sure the entire planet realizes that I feel that I’m so fortunate to be with you! I love you and am amazed by your talent:) Wow, honey….this is just mystical, magical & magnificent. ~ Yours Truly, Carrie-Ann

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