Lake Michigan Twilight

Thought I’d share another image from my recent trip up to west central Michigan.  I took this shot well after sunset my last evening of the trip.  It was so dark I had trouble focusing the image, and you can tell from the water that it’s a lengthy exposure, but I really liked the mood of this one.  It wasn’t until I started to post this one that I realized how similar the lines of this image are to my previous post.  You’d think the image was taken by the same photographer or something….!  Curious to hear thoughts on this one versus the previous image.  I promise I’ll post something completely different in my next post….

Lake Michigan Twilight


5 thoughts on “Lake Michigan Twilight

  1. Personally, I find this image much more engaging than the previous one. In particular, I find the reflection of the fading sunlight in the water’s edge at the beach to create a much stronger sense of movement towards the horizon. The wispier clouds also suit my taste more than the greater (and grayer) cloud cover of the previous image. I suppose I’m also a sucker for the intense colors of a sunrise/sunset too…

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