Love the Lakes

I am such a fan of the Great Lakes – they can have such varied moods and feelings and between the Lakes themselves and the parks and National Lakeshores that surround them there is an incredible range of potential experiences and photographs to be discovered.  I am spending a long weekend photographing along the west coast of Michigan and spent this morning right down on the shore of Lake Michigan.  The clouds and atmosphere were quite moody, but I was pleased to get this image.  I only had time to get about 4-5 versions of this shot, and in fact if you look closely the edge of the water you can see the motion as it advances up onto the shore.  That particular flow ended up completely washing out the interesting lines in the foreground, so that was it for this location!  By then I was cold from the wind anyway, so I took a few more images and then headed to warm up.  Note to self – add another layer tomorrow morning….

Lake Mighigan Beach


3 thoughts on “Love the Lakes

  1. CJ…awesome shot!!!!! the color changes of the water is amazing and has a great range of moods, as you so perfectly said it!!
    I want about 10 of your images right now…oh the budget is aching ;)))

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