Well, I’ve been quite negligent in getting images up here recently, but had a few minutes while I was downloading some recent shots and figured I’d add something to the mix….  One of the fun things about photography is shooting in quickly changing weather conditions – if approached correctly, of course.  If you have a specific vision and only one set of conditions will do, then changing weather is likely just frustrating.  But if you can go with the flow and be open to whatever the weather presents, it can be a lot of fun to try and capture very different looks on the same day.  While out this past weekend, I was fortunate to be out shooting while the clouds were breaking up, then coming back in.  These aren’t the greatest shots by any means, but they illustrate the point.  This image was taken roughly 45 minutes after sunrise, as the clouds were still a bit thick but starting to clear.

I decided to continue around the shoreline, and no more than 15 minutes later I got this shot, which is actually looking back towards where the first image was taken.

Chasing the light is always fun!  So glad spring is here…..


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