Knowing how to work the system

I was once again looking through images from the New England trip this evening, looking for something I wanted to post here.  While doing that I pulled out 2 images that I had planned to stitch together into a single image since the particular composition I wanted was not quite available with a singe shot.  (For those wondering why I didn’t just go wider and crop, I always prefer to option of going slightly narrower and stitching because then I get more pixels to work with in case I want to print large…)  While working on the image, my 5 year old son came in and said “Daddy, I really like that picture!”.  Well, thank you kindly son!  That was really sweet, and very nice for a dad to hear….but he wasn’t done.  An hour later as he was getting ready for bed, he informed me that he no longer wanted the cartoon train picture on his wall any more.  He now wants a print of the image that he had seen on the computer screen…”The one with the trees on the mountains”.  Talk about working the system!  Obviously he’ll be getting the print he wants…and Daddy ended up fine tuning the image quite carefully as a result!  May not be completely done quite yet, but you get the idea below.  This is from one of the overlooks along the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains – the mountain peak(s) in the background are called the Three Sisters, if I’m not mistaken.  Which is also an interesting coincidence, given that my wife is the middle of…yes…three sisters.

Three Sisters ~ Fall


One thought on “Knowing how to work the system

  1. That is SO adorable!!! Your little man will be so excited when he gets your photograph for his bedroom wall! He will tell EVERYONE who enters his room….”that’s my Dad’s photograph” ;)) Working the system or not – that’s precious stuff!!! and a fabulous photograph – I might add!! xoxo

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