Close to home

Having just completed a truly wonderful photographic trip, I’m still working through downloading and processing all the images I took and trying to work up some that I think I’m really going to like but that need some extra time to get just right.  However, Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely frost on the ground here at home, and decided to wander outside and see if there was anything interesting happening with the few leaves on the ground here.  I found this very interesting leaf and zoomed in on the junction of the stem and leaf, thinking it might make an interesting black and white image.  See what you think….!

Leaf ~ Frost


4 thoughts on “Close to home

  1. What a pleasant surprise to find you on the blog-o-sphere, Mr. Jordan. Very nice collection of new images; its been a long time since I last saw some new work from you. I’m looking forward to following along and seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

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