New locations, new possibilities

I arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine Tuesday evening, and then picked up my buddy and fellow photographer Patrick Matthiessen at the airport Wednesday morning.  We are now in the midst of a 5 1/2 day visit to Acadia National Park…and I have already run out of superlatives to use.  What an amazing place.  Yesterday, I started off the morning down by the ocean not really knowing what I would find or really even where to go.  Despite my lack of knowledge of the area, I managed to come away with this to start my day.

Bennet Cove Sunrise

After picking up Patrick, we went on a nice hike along Jordan Pond (yes, I definitely had to visit a location with that name!), and then climbed to the top of Penobscot Mountain.  Evidently the folks who make trails around here tend to the macho side, because the route we took to get to the top basically went on a line straight up the mountain – we don’t need no stinking switchbacks.  Can you say STEEP?  However, the slog up the mountain with camera pack and tripod was rewarded with a view as beautiful as any I’ve ever seen, especially with the clouds and fog rolling in.  Enjoy…

Penobscot Pano


3 thoughts on “New locations, new possibilities

  1. Your travel and photo blog have been the best present ever 🙂 Yeah…I know its not about me…but I absolutely adore being able to share all these amazing locations through your fabulous eyes…ie your camera…etc!!!!!! The sunrise image…Bennett Cove Sunrise….has me drooling and absolutely dying for a giant sized image for my bedroom!!!!! You are beyond talented CJ…my bro or not….you have a great gift!!!! And now can everyone say “New England Photo Book”……oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

  2. I made this climb myself at the suggestion of my son. This spot is truly awesome.
    I took the same photo. Why doesn’t my photo look like Chris’.
    Must have been the weather, couldn’t have been my little Brownie camera.

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