A light show extraordinaire

This morning was my last morning in the White Mountains, and the area evidently decided to send me off with a flourish.  It was the first morning all week that there were actually some clouds in the sky and the possibility of sunrise color.  I fortunately was up early enough to go check it out….and as I came driving over the crest of the Kancamagus Pass, I was greeted by this….uh….WOW.

Kancamagus Sunrise

After shooting this until the color started to fade, I hurried back down the road to an overlook I had been eyeing all week, wondering how it would look in morning light.  I waited very patiently for the sun to peek through the clouds enough to light up the landscape (took at least an hour for the sun to get high enough, and to find an opening). When it arrived I was very pleased to see that the view lived up to everything I had hoped it would….I show below a section of the view for simplicity’s sake, but I actually got 3 shots that I can stitch into a panorama that should be quite wonderful.  It was a great way to spend my last morning in New Hampshire.

White Mountains Splendor

I then traveled most of the day to get over to Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park and my final destination for this lengthy trek.  I ran out to a spot just before sunset to start to get a flavor for the area, and ran into 20-25 photographers all trying to shoot the same sunset from basically the same vantage point.   Hmm…that will be interesting.  Worse than that, my buddy Patrick who is joining me here got a flight delay, missed an connection, and now can’t join me till tomorrow.  Oh well…we’ll just get a slightly later start!  Can’t wait to start exploring the park tomorrow….

One thought on “A light show extraordinaire

  1. You know CJ, how much I ADORE and ADMIRE your photography!!! Yet this sunset photo above is beyond comprehension…. it’s truly a remarkable image captured by a remarkable bro 🙂 I can tell from all your posts what a wonderful time you are having!! I’m thrilled for you and miss you too!! SO glad everything fell into place and the trip worked out so beautifully as well!!!!
    I love you so and cannot wait to see you –

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