Since I have much more time and more energy than yesterday, a few musings…..

First, I just completed my time in the Adirondacks and while I have many thoughts and impressions I must start by asking anyone reading this to keep the entire area in your thoughts.  Having driven a couple of times through towns that were flooded by Hurricane Irene, you simply cannot believe the damage and the overwhelming amount of water that pounded the region.  I drove by many houses or buildings where you could clearly see water marks as high as half way up the front door – and this in places as much as 10-15 feet above the river level.  The quantity of water that came through is impossible to describe, or imagine.  As I drove out of the area this morning I saw that someone had marked the high water line for flooding from Irene, and it would have completely covered my vehicle while on the road….and was probably 20 feet above the current water level.  I saw places where lots of people in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire are still trying to clean up and repair.  Keep them all in mind.

Second, the Adirondacks are simply incredible and I encourage anyone so inclined to visit.  Just bring plenty of time, a fair amount of gas (the place is enormous) and very good hiking shoes.  Even the “simple” trails up the “small” mountains are quite steep and arduous (spoken like an Indiana flat land boy, I know).  I truly just scratched the surface of what there is to see.  Oh, and Lake Placid seems a cool little town…

Third,  a shout out to a new photographic acquaintance I made on top of Mt. Jo yesterday evening (see yesterday’s post).  Adam Baker was up there as well and we ended up spending the evening shooting the surrounding mountains.  Adam was kind enough to mention a few places he had already visited and noted that the Nichols Brook area just outside of Keene was very nice.  So I checked it out before leaving this morning and he was right.  Thanks Adam….it was fun shooting last night and I appreciate the tip this morning…which led to this….

Nichols Brook and Fall Color


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