f8 (or something) and BE there

It’s a given of landscape photography that you can’t capture meaningful images if you aren’t actually out somewhere shooting.  Sitting at home and dreaming about a location or arguing the finer points of camera gear won’t produce images.  Sometimes it pays to be out even when it doesn’t seem useful….like today for example.  The weather was changing a lot today, but always seemed to veer back to overcast and rainy.  This afternoon I went out to a location I saw 2 days ago thinking it might be interesting to see if I could catch a shot of a waterfall that is way up high on a cliff.  It was raining when I got there, so I waited about 30-40 minutes and got enough clearing that I took a few shots.  Then I noticed an interesting arrangement of trees in fall color on the far side of the lake.  I composed a shot, and as I started to focus a very strong gust of wind came whistling through the area – it was blowing so hard I could see the movement in my Live View screen on the camera.  No way I was going to get a sharp image….so I waited just to see if it would leave as quickly as it came.  Sure enough, no more than 2-3 minutes of strong wind, then suddenly it died down to a fairly gentle breeze.  Amazingly, a break in the clouds came at that exact moment and lit up the trees I was focused on beautifully (first really pretty direct light I’ve seen since I got here).  I rapidly double checked focus (good), and fired off about 5 shots before the light disappeared.  It was perhaps the quickest and most rapidly changing light I’ve ever seen.  If I hadn’t been there, ready to go, no way I would have captured the light that appeared….

birch glow – Upper Cascade Lake


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