Art in Nature – x2

Now that I’ve visited several locations here in the Adirondack Park (I’m practically an expert….NOT) it seems that someone, or someones, are making little rock towers all over the area.  I’ve seen them in the Au Sable river in a number of places, found a small one on a trail, another in a stream next to one of the trails, etc.  I don’t know if it’s some tradition around here that lots of people do or if a single person or small group just goes around making them, but they are an enjoyable quirk of the area so far.  If anyone out there knows whether this has some significance I don’t know, please share.  Anyway, I laughed out loud when I found one 10 feet out from the shore of Middle Saranac Lake.  So I share it with you all today – this Zen Moment sponsored by Christopher Jordan Photography.  Say OHM  (and keep reading please!)

Rock Tower in the reeds – Middle Saranac

I love finding these little towers all around, but I have to say that nature doesn’t really need much help when it comes to being artistic.  The lake was beautiful today, mostly because it was pretty calm and the clouds were incredibly dramatic.  Of course, me being me, I photographed them in a slightly unusual way….this is one exposure, looking down.  I can’t wait to see this one at home on my large computer screen.  I hope the colors are at least close – hard to tell on a small laptop.


One thought on “Art in Nature – x2

  1. Honey…these are amazingly beautiful….just like you:) I am so happy that you are there. Crazy to me that we were in that vicinity (well, in NH/VT) literally nine years ago on our honeymoon! I will always have great affection for the Northeast; so many great memories and images impressed on my heart! I love you 🙂 Me

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