The Power of the Land

How exactly do you convey to the viewer of a photograph the sheer size and immense power of locations that they have never seen or experienced for themselves?  It’s a question I wrestle with constantly especially when faced with some of the locations I visited today.  One such location is the Wilmington Flume, an area of the Au Sable River where the water flow is restricted between 2 sheer rock walls and the water pounds the rock with stunning force.  That was especially true today with the river running very strong after a lot of rain the last several days….the sound was incredible. I estimate the walls were somewhere between 50 and 60 feet high (though my distance estimates are usually suspect!)  I took the photograph below from the far end of the Flume, standing on a rock about 15-20 feet above the water.  I hope you can get at least some sense of the incredible power of the water as it surged around the huge rock in the middle, and hammered against the walls of the Flume.  Amazingly, as I was packing up to leave, I realized that the few plants on the top of the rock I was on had been battered by the recent floods caused by Hurricane Irene,  I can’t fathom how much water must have been raging through the area…..

The Wilmington Flume


One thought on “The Power of the Land

  1. CJ….what an incredible shot!!!! Just gorgeous….and it reminds me of the bay in southwest Australia…unbelievable power with the water pounding the rocks. Your photo reminded me of the sound and wind. How cool for you to be enjoying such an awesome trip!!! I can’t wait for more photos and updates from you! Love you and keep on bloggin’ 🙂

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