Here we go….!

Well, here we go.  Kicking off a new blog for Christopher Jordan Photography, and kicking off a new photo trip I’ve been planning for a long time.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post lots of new images over the next couple of weeks….and I look forward to hearing comments from folks.  Just for fun and to get the ball rolling, here’s a slightly older image, but one of my favorites….


3 thoughts on “Here we go….!

  1. Babe, we are so excited that you are on your long-awaited adventure! This blog is so cool! Thank you, honey. We love you….Carrie-Ann, Iris & Solomon (and Levi Bleu)

  2. Chris, I’m a big fan of both your photography and that of Ron Leonetti (I have “Unexpected Indiana”). Your images of the midwest are powerful and, indeed, “unexpected” as most would not think the midwest would be conducive to landscape photography. I’m starting on my own trek to becoming a landscape photographer (third career for me now, I think) and will keep following your blog. Perhaps we’ll meet some day?

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